2022 Cross Country Results

2022 Track Meet Results

2021 Cross Country Results

2021 Track Meet Results

Roadrunner Timing System

The Roadrunner timing system is a combination of an online spreadsheet (Google Sheets) and program that runs on a computer with a webcam.

  • Before the Meet

    • Create a copy of the spreadsheet (don't request edit access for the template, make your own copy in Google Drive).

    • Enter meet information in the Schedule tab and participants in the Roster tab.

    • Download the Race Timer source code from GitHub (freely available)

    • Install python and install packages

      • Required: opencv-python and numpy

      • Optional audio race starts: pyttsx3 and playsound

    • Give each athlete a number with Roster and Microsoft Word Mail Merge

      • Option A: Print bib numbers on adhesive mailing labels (2 per sheet)

      • Option B: Print on Avery 5960 adhesive address labels (30 per sheet)

      • Option C: Traditional bib numbers with pins (no printing needed)

  • Before each Race

    • Enter lane bib numbers for sprints: 100m, 200m, 400m, 4x100m

  • Start the Race

    • Run by double clicking on the icon. A live video screen appears.

      • Spacebar to start the race

  • Record Finish Times / Lanes

    • Spacebar for every finisher

    • Esc to stop after the last finisher crosses

    • A new folder is created with the finisher photos and results

    • Record order of lane finish (e.g. 6, 1, 3, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5) or finisher bib numbers for distance / XC events

  • After the Race

    • Folder has a CSV (spreadsheet) of the times to copy into the Time column

    • Input lane order of finishers, bib numbers come from before the race for sprints / after the race for distance

    • A video backup of the race is stored in the video folder

  • Field events have dedicated tabs to record bib numbers, attempt, and distance / height

This timing system is developed by Roadrunners and freely available with the MIT license. If the timing system is useful, please consider donating to Roadrunner Junior Club (Venmo) or visit the Sponsor page.

Place Time

1 01:04.30

2 01:07.22

3 01:12.46

4 01:14.11

5 01:14.74

6 01:15.33

7 01:25.77

8 01:29.27