Practice Mon, Wed @ Sertoma Park

Practice Sat 9-11 AM @ Timpview Track

Summer Practice MWF 7:05-8:30 AM @ Sertoma Park

Roadrunner Club

Humans are born to run and have the potential for incredible speed and endurance. Roadrunner Club is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for youth to discover their potential as athletes, develop life skills, and make lasting friendships.

Training Approach

The training philosophy is to mix hard, long workouts with group strength workouts and running games. The focus is on gradual adaptation where the body adjusts over months to the new stress of running with stronger bones, ligaments, lung capacity, muscle endurance, and strength. We form running groups of similar ability levels with factors such as age, duration of training, injury history, and emotional readiness for the rigors of distance running. The team is inclusive of all ability levels.

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Mission Statement

At Roadrunner Junior Club, we believe in the transformative power of running to unlock potential and build confidence in young athletes. Our mission is to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where Elementary and Middle School youth, regardless of ability level, can discover a passion for running and achieve personal growth.

Through our comprehensive training programs, we focus on individual achievement and resilience, recognizing that each milestone enhances self-esteem and instills a sense of accomplishment. We celebrate all forms of success from completing a first mile and consistently attending practice to setting personal bests. Additionally, we provide opportunities for athletes to participate in elite-level race events, such as regional competitions and national championships. This access to higher-level competition serves to inspire our athletes and offers them a platform to compete, further emphasizing that the journey—marked by both personal and competitive milestones—is as valuable as the destination.

At Roadrunner Junior Club, we create an environment where young athletes experience the joy of challenging themselves and breaking through personal barriers. This sense of fulfillment comes from engaging in activities that test their limits, helping them to make progress and reach new levels of performance. By embracing these challenging experiences, our runners develop a profound appreciation for their own growth and the hard work that fuels it, fostering a lifelong passion for running and self-improvement.

We are committed to guiding our athletes in developing a lifelong enjoyment of running and a deep appreciation for the discipline and commitment it requires. Athletes participate for the joy and confidence that comes from personal achievement and friend support. We build stronger individuals and a healthier, happier future for them.