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Coach John leads the Roadrunner team. He is a USTAF Youth National Champion (1995), NCAA All-American Cross-Country runner (2000), 5-time Academic All-American, and RRCA Road Racing 10k National Champion (2007). He was inducted into the BYU Hall of Fame in 2015 and currently teaches in the Chemical Engineering Department at BYU. He is giving back to a new generation by growing a club team with the support of parents and other volunteer coaches.

Coach Chris is the head elementary team coach and avid runner. His daughters, Kenzie and Ashlynn are on the Roadrunner team. Professionally, he is a programming expert to design backend web programs. He leads core workouts and fun running games such as fugitive, zombie tag, capture the flag, and duck-duck-goose.

Coach Justin is an accomplished former high school runner with two AAU 2021 All-American children. Charlie and Clara both attained All-American honors at the 2021 Cross Country Nationals meet in Charlotte, North Carolina. He excels at road races such as the Deseret News 10k.

Coach Marshall is a marathon runner and leads the Jacquelyn Project. He is preparing for the 2023 Boston Marathon. He promotes an ongoing wellness journey with the role that partner brands can play, in conjunction with massage therapy, in keeping us healthy, active, well, and pain-free.

Coach Joey is an Idaho High School running phenom, current member of the BYU Running Club, and BYU pre-med student. He regularly runs 80+ miles per week but also enjoys helping with the Roadrunner team. He is the head coach for the middle school group.

Lindy Salmon manages the Roadrunner team, distributes team gear, Fun Friday snacks, organizes team parties, and coordinates parent and community support. She keeps the coaches organized, welcomes each athlete to the club, and answers parent questions.

Ian Puente received his undergraduate degree from BYU, Master's degree from the University of Oxford, and Doctor of Law degree from Columbia University. His prior experience includes the Director of Business Affairs at Sony Pictures, VP of Business Development and General Counsel at Samuel Goldwyn Films, Senior VP at EPIX, and is currently the Director of Operations and Strategy for BYU Broadcasting.

Coach McGyver competed with the state-champion Davis High School team under coach Corbin Talley. He is also a member of the BYU Farm team. He is studying Economics at BYU and is an entrepreneur and a small business owner. McGyver is now an assistant coach with the Timpview High School Team.

Coach Raquel competed in UHSAA 6A Cross-Country as part of the nationally-ranked Corner Canyon team. She and her husband Jaron (BYU EE Major) train with the team during the summer. Raquel is completing a Master's of Accounting at BYU and is a member of the BYU Farm team, a developmental squad for the BYU Cross-country team.

Roadrunner Club is a member of USA Track and Field (USATF) and Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Practice insurance is provided through each organization. Coaches are subject to background screening and practice Safe Sport protocols.

Corporate Sponsorship Levels

Funds are directed towards hiring assistant coaches, purchasing team gear, subsidizing race entry fees, and transportation. No administrative overhead or head coach salary is taken. Sponsorships lower the entry costs for athletes and expand the team in Utah County to additional cities and age groups.

Gold Level ($2000)

  • Company Logo on Team Shirts

  • Gold Level on Roadrunner Club Website

  • Annual Membership (Cross-Country and Track seasons) for 30 Athletes

  • Gold Level Sponsors: Matthew and Becky Mecham

Silver Level ($1000)

  • Company Logo on Team Shirts

  • Silver Level on Roadrunner Club Website

  • Annual Membership (Cross-Country and Track seasons) for 12 Athletes

Bronze Level ($500)

  • Bronze Level on Roadrunner Club Website

  • Annual Membership (Cross-Country and Track seasons) for 6 Athletes

  • Bronze Level Sponsor: Blake Family Medicine

Individual Donations

Tax-deductible donations from individuals can be in any amount. Donations in-kind such as hosting team parties, spaghetti feeds, watermelon after a hot summer workout, or other team activities are also welcome. You will need a receipt from Roadrunner Junior Club to acknowledge your donation for charitable giving / tax deduction purposes. Race entry fees are $100 per year for each athlete with $50 for Cross-Country and $50 for Track. We also give gear to all athletes whether they can afford it or not. Individual donations help cover the costs for athletes who need financial help.

Gold Level ($300)

  • Sponsors 3 athletes for Cross-Country and Track seasons

  • Roadrunner Fan Club shirts for your family (3+), warm-up (1), and exercise gear (1) to support super-fan status

  • Gold Level sponsors: Matthew and Becky Mecham

Silver Level ($200)

  • Sponsors 1 athlete for Cross-Country and Track seasons

  • Roadrunner Fan Club shirts (2)

  • Silver Level sponsors: James and Kimberly Oldroyd, Barton and Marilyn Dahneke, Marshall and Michelle Dahneke, David and Marian Hedengren

Bronze Level ($100)

  • Sponsors race entry fees for an athlete for Cross-Country ($50) and Track ($50)

  • Roadrunner Fan Club shirt

  • Priority seating near the finish line at Roadrunner sponsored track meets

  • Family name included in list of Bronze Level sponsors

We Appreciate the Support!

Contact Ian Puente or John Hedengren for information about sponsoring the Roadrunner Club. The Roadrunner Junior Club is a public charity and exempt from federal income tax under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions they make under IRC Section 170. Roadrunner Junior Club has responsibilities as a tax-exempt organization as detailed in Publication 4221-PC (Rev. 3-2018) (irs.gov). Information about the tax-exempt status can be verified at Tax Exempt Organization Search (irs.gov).

The Employer ID Number (EIN) for Roadrunner Junior Club is 85-1435098. Roadrunner Junior Club is @RRClub on Venmo. Bank information is also available for donations or other transfers.