Provo Trails

Join the Trailblazing Effort in Provo: Enhance Your Community with New Running and Biking Trails!

Welcome to our community initiative page where we are excited to invite residents of Provo, UT, and beyond to join our collaborative effort in developing and maintaining scenic trails for running and biking. This initiative is a response to the growing demand for safe, sustainable, and enjoyable outdoor spaces for recreational activities.

Our Mission

We aim to create and nurture soft-surface trails, providing runners and cyclists a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of traffic, noise, and pollution. In partnership with Provo Parks and Recreation (see Trails webpage), our first project is the development of Lover's Lane Trail along University Avenue.

Lover's Lane Trail Project

Lover's Lane trail is a peaceful route parallel to University Avenue. Our vision includes extending this trail to the mouth of the Canyon, seamlessly connecting it to the Indian Road Trailhead. This extension will enhance the trail's accessibility and offer an immersive nature experience.

State Support & Future Vision

Utah Governor Spencer J. Cox and the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) have expressed their commitment to building a statewide network of trails. This aligns with our local efforts, as the state vision aims to connect Utah communities through sustainable transportation and recreation options. This is more than just trail building; it's about enriching the quality of life for all Utahns and visitors.

Join the Trail Building

We are seeking help from volunteers, local businesses, and community members to be part of this transformative journey. Whether you're passionate about outdoor activities, community development, or environmental sustainability, there's a role for everyone.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail Connection

Our efforts also contribute to the grander vision of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Advancement Act. Imagine a 280-mile trail stretching across the Salt Lake Valley! It's an ambitious dream that requires collective effort and dedication.

Stay Informed & Get Involved

To join us, learn more about our projects, or stay updated on our progress, sign up for our newsletter, follow us on social media, or visit our website regularly. Together, let's make Provo a model city for community-driven, sustainable outdoor spaces!

Let's build trails, build community, and build a healthier, happier Provo!